Designing New Immersive Experiences

What do guests associate with your museum, and what do they expect from their experiences when they visit?

This was the question they wanted to investigate at Frøslev Camp, a unique, well-preserved World War II internment camp where both Danes and Germans were detained. RasmussenNordic began with a comprehensive mapping of the audience potential and tested experimental ideas on both Danes and Germans, which painted a clear picture of how many annual visitors the museum could attract compared to the current number. Fortunately, there was exciting potential. Additionally, the study tested the types of experiences these potential guests would prefer.

After sharing the data with the museums in the camp, as well as the municipality’s culture employees, we facilitated a core story and idea development workshop. Here, we refined the core story to ensure it met the guests’ expectations. Furthermore, during the workshop, we developed 73 exciting and immersive experience ideas that the camp can work with in the coming years, and we are confident that the audience will be enthusiastic about them due to the initial potential assessment.

Subsequently, we coached the person responsible at the camp in creating a robust business plan and audience development plan, which the camp will work on over the next few years, including a “prepper day” where guests can test how they would fare if war were to break out again in Denmark.