Søren Mikael Rasmussen


Cecilie Szkotak Nielsen

SENIOR Consulant


Top management meets strategy - meets innovation - meets business development - meets the users in new formats - and gets everything working in the institutions of culture.

This special mix of skills is a powerful analytical foundation for creating change for our customers, so they are better equipped content-wise and economically to withstand and benefit from the changes around them. It’s all about being robust or cultivating the skill to be so, and Søren Mikael has perfected this area of expertice during his many years as leader for Denmark’s Radio Culture, TV2 Øst, P4 Copenhagen and Denmark’s Radio Science. 

His broad experience and education enables him to think in the bigger picture, from data to the meeting with the visitors, and how the organization works in regards to skill, structure and innovation potential. He will spearhead the facilitation of innovation workshops himself.

Søren Mikael Rasmussen's Qualifications

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A resiliant culture sector rests on strong strategies, user insight, innovation and business models.

Cecilie Szkotak Nielsen, Consulant

Strategic audience experiences based on in depth research - meets targeted communication - meets digital development and production.

With a background in archaeology, cultural studies & marketing, Cecilie Nielsen has a combination of strategic innovation approach to cultural organizations and practical insight into their challenges and possibilities. 

Audience development is a cornerstone in fostering a resiliant cultural sector. Insight into the visitors and the ability to translate this knowledge into concepts heightens the quality and the value of the experiences and therefore the number of visitors. If you combine this with strategic communication and integrate the digital experience you will have a strong foundation for a culture business.

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