While we primarily create custom projects depending on your needs, here you can read about some of our standard solutions. 

Focus group

Test your exhibit - concert - event or performance

Get fast and in-depth user feedback on your cultural experience from your visitors.  Feedback enables you to optimize the experience design, ensuring your guest a high-value visit that encourages loyalty. Focus groups provide an abundance of useful insights into your visitors’ thoughts about the experience and their needs, all of which easily translate to improvements that yield happier guests and more returning visitors. 

1 focus group + report (conclusions & recommendations)

25.000 DKK

Eks. taxes & transport

Your Opinion

QR code postcard - collect audience data easily

Would you like to collect data about your guests easily and systematically? We offer ‘Your Opinion’, where – with a simple postcard – you offer your visitors a quick and easy way to provide solid feedback. You choose the questions that you want answered and we handle the data. 

QR-code survey + report (conclusions & recommmendations)

From 5.000 DKK

Eksl. taxes