While we primarily create custom projects depending on your needs,

here you can read about some of our standard solutions. 

COURSE: Get More Audiences

Tools for Orchestras & Ensembles

A practical course giving classical music orchestras and ensembles the tools they need to fill the concert hall with more new and diverse audiences

This 4-day course is based on in-depth audience research and 33 tools created by RasmussenNordic together with the Danish orchestras. 

Cecilie S. Nielsen, lead developer of the tools, and CEO Søren Mikael Rasmussen with 30 years of experience as a leader and culture innovator, host this course for leaders and employees who want concrete solutions that work for both large and small-scale orchestras.


Need a couple of hours with an audience developer?

No matter where you are in your journey with your audiences we would love to be your sparring partner. You might be looking for advice or feedback on your audience strategies, brand, artistic program, hosting, data collecting, storytelling or digital marketing. 

We have a lot of conversations with leaders and employees in orchestras and smaller ensembles each year and whatever your challenge we can guarantee that you are not the only one in the world of classical music and we have worked with creating solutions in this sector for years. 


And make your orchestra or ensemble brand more audience-friendly

RasmussenNordic has developed a series of tests specifically designed for the world of classical music with its unique brand challenges. 

We know from our research that classical music brands unfortunately often scare new audiences away from buying a ticket. If you are trying to attract new audiences and feel like it’s not working, it might be a brand barrier working against you. Are you curious how you can test and improve your brand to attract more audiences?

Get useful audience feedback

Test your concert - event or performance

Get fast and in-depth user feedback on your concert experience from your audience.  Feedback enables you to optimize the experience design, ensuring your guest a high-value visit that encourages loyalty. Focus groups provide an abundance of useful insights into your visitors’ thoughts about the experience and their needs, all of which easily translate to improvements that yield happier guests and more returning visitors. 

1 focus group + report (conclusions & recommendations)

25.000 DKK

Eks. taxes & transport

Your Opinion

QR code postcard - collect audience data easily

Would you like to collect data about your guests easily and systematically? We offer ‘Your Opinion’, where – with a simple postcard – you offer your visitors a quick and easy way to provide solid feedback. You choose the questions that you want answered and we handle the data. 

QR-code survey + report (conclusions & recommmendations)

From 5.000 DKK

Eksl. taxes