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Rasmussen Nordic contributes to a diverse cultural sector, which means more to more people and is financially stronger. We help museums, theatres, orchestras and other cultural organizations by strengthening their content, programs, business and strategy.

We build our work on insights created through research and co-creative processes. The aim is to heighten the value that the cultural consumer experiences.

In short, we help leaders create innovation, business and better management.



The Danish orchestras and ensembles joined forces to focus on business and audience development in the coming years to ensure an increased focus on attracting new visitors and up the frequency of the visitors already attending concerts, along with professionalising the work with audiences. We finished first round of a 3-year process with a thorough analysis of the foundation for business with all orchestras and ensembles. 


In 2020 we planned and executed an audience development teaching and innovation project for the Danish Theatre Associations.  Throughout the process, the participating theatre associations have worked in-depth with Applaus’ audience study and with 2 types of segmentation, like the “Culture Segments”, that we always apply to our cultural analysis. On a very practical level, they worked with making strategic choices to strengthen their future audience development.


In the summer 2018 the National Museum decided to launch an effort to reach ‘non-users’. The goal of the project was to grow the number of visitors whilst also experimenting with new ways of curating and communicating the museum content and research. The result was an innovation project where we coorporated with the National Museum and designed a process with a select team of innovation professionals developing ideas as to how the museum should transform to face the future.

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