How To Make Your Museum A Better Business

How can museums achieve a healthier economy in their visitor intiatives? This was a question that the National Museum, the National Gallery of Denmark, the Natural History Museum of Denmark, the Southeast Danish Museums, and the Northern Jutland Historical Museum were keen to explore. They collaborated with RasmussenNordic to analyze the current financial challenges facing the museums and facilitate a process to create tools and recommendations to address these challenges. The goal was not only to optimize the organizations’ workflow but also to ensure value creation in the experiences offered to the users. Additionally, they aimed to establish a set of financial metrics that would make it easier to compare across museums, thus facilitating the sharing of successes and lessons learned.

All the museums engaged in a thorough examination of every layer of their organizations through a series of interviews with leaders and staff members. They each presented their own cases related to planning, development, and budgeting for events and exhibitions.

Finally, RasmussenNordic facilitated a tool-driven process with all the museums, providing solutions that can be easily implemented by museums in general to enhance their business development.